Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Busy Days

For the whole month, I'd spent so much time for the assignments. The endless paperwork of case study (the numerous numbers!) and the entrepreneurship project, tests and quizzes. Dizzy, so dizzy and stressful. Perhaps I'm will be this miserable if I do this work alone. ALONE. Nobody to interfere, no stupid argument, no useless fights, no hateful faces. It's tiring. That's why I hate group work. Nothing good ever come from it. Only misery. But I always tell myself, all the pain I felt, God will award something much, much better that worth it. So, let me swallow the anger, keep the pain to myself and wait for the reward. And because of this non-stop bothersome business, I got less time for books and games and movie. T.T

So, for the coming month, I wish it would be better. Much, much better when I'm back home, when I no longer have to see the hateful faces of the idiots. Where my life is much at a slower pace, peaceful~ Can't wait to finish the exams. I miss home. I miss my family! (Once in blue moon)

For now, I wish I could stay as strong as a diamond. Tough, unbreakable, precious. 

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