Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Summer Fever


Watch out boys and girls, it's a summer days! Actually not. This is Malaysia. We have only three seasons. Hot, Hotter, Hottest. And this quarter, it's the hottest season ever, almost equal to summer. Or rather hotter than summer actually. It's the season where you would sweat helplessly even without moving your body. It's the season where you are likely to fell ill over and over again. It's the season where you get tanned even if stay inside the house. Where the sales of air-cond are most likely to jump up!

I had a fever for a week. Up till this day I still have a flu. Doctor says drink a lot of water. Take the antibiotics. If only he knew that I actually swallow a gallons of water a day, keep revisiting the washroom more than 10 times a day and hope that the he would give me more antibiotic because the pack that he gave me is already finished yet my nose is still running. ~.~ Luckily I don't have any classes anymore, if not, I would've escape for a week!

Anyway, I'll just keep myself fit for the upcoming driving classes. Another hot-day schedule.

Get a good rest.

Drink a lot. Again and again.

Eat fruits.

Wear cotton.

An apple a day keep the doctor away

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