Monday, 4 June 2012

Lotus Story- Lotus Eater

When I took SPM in 2008, one of my favourite subject is English. Coz I like English literature. I like reading, I like stories. And my interest is limited only for that scope- literature alone! =P I don't like writing, I don't like speaking.

I remember, when I was in Form 4, we discussed about the short story 'Lotus Eater' by W. Somerset Maugham. Of all the story, I like it the most. Why? Because of the title. Lotus-Eater. Back then my teacher's always changing. So I asked each of them the meaning of the title. I'm always so curious about the little thing that people are less interested in... The answer is somehow unsatisfying. I do a research on my own, then only I understand that it comes from the Greek myth. Says that the people who eat the lotus will fall asleep and dream. As they continue consuming it, they're getting addicted, and forever live in the world they dream. More or less that way. Then only I can relate why Thomas Wilson is called a Lotus Eater.

So, here's the story about me. Not Thomas Wilson, that one, you read it yourself! That one day, the teacher discussed one question, the opinion type. Of course, the answer could be anything, yes or no, there's no definite answer for it. But the things is that the whole class took the 'YES' answer. It's a most agreed answer, supposedly a 'NO' is totally NOT the answer. The teacher, who was actually walking forward turned and make a few step back. She heard me! Somehow she happened to hear my not-so-high-tone-NO. "Err, look like we have a different answer here..." She looked at me with a frown. The others? All turning their head at me. That's the moment I wish I should have shut up my mouth.

    "So, your answer is no?" I'm trying to shook, too late! She's looking at my book.
    "Err... yes."
    "Class, your friend here have different answer. Let's here what she thinks." Oh great! Now I have to explain. So I read the full sentence answer that I wrote.

Would you prefer to live a life like Thomas Wilson?

A(normal friends answer)
No, I wouldn't live that way because it's boring. I would prefer to live my life as normal people, living a challenging life.

 Yes. I would. I like a slow-paced life. I enjoy the simple living as Thomas Wilson did.

[more or less like this]


So, I explain further. I don't like a challenging life. I pretty much prefer a simple life. Being alone is fine.

The teacher say my answer is accepted. Another tick for me. The others? I thought they might just think that how boring it is being myself. Well, they wouldn't understand. They just couldn't.

That day, I learnt that I'm unique. (sarcastically)

*but I don't agree with the suicide though! I'll live and die naturally. And of course, I'll plan  well before making a big decision.

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