Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013’s Target & Stretch Target



Get DL for Semester 4 & 5. This is crucial!


Be more hardworking, do all the homework and revise regularly. This is a must!


Drive like a pro. This- I'll try my 'best'.


Earn my own money and save up to RM 1000. It's crucial and it's a must. J

2012’s Target Checklist

1. Get the VCA- Not 3.7>, but still, satisfactory~ checked J
2. Money- Got it, and spend it a lot too... -checked J
3. Work- Thanks to my mom, my friend/boss -checked J
4. Travel- no time, no more money -stretch target
5. Car license- hard lessons -checked J
6. Further to B. Acc (Hons) -accepted at the same campus -checked J

Thank you Allah, thanks mom and dad and all.

Happy New Year!

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