Saturday, 8 December 2012

In the Cloud 9

Sitting on the ‘couch’, letting my hair down, having a Marian Keyes’ novel in my left hand, Ferrero Rocher on my right. Wonderful leisure time. After all this week of hectic schedule and tiring ‘break’, this is just what I need. Like tomorrow would never come. Like I’ll live happily ever after. 

But, no. The fairytale moment won’t last forever. Ten minutes later, after a few flips of pages and bites of chocolate, it’s time to get real. In the morning, I had convocation, in the evening I went shopping and in the night I waited for several hours for dinner, and tomorrow I’m gonna have a TEST. The ultimate ACCOUNTING TEST! Awesome. 

The next morning, I woke up with the feeling like there’s stones on my head and dark cloud is everywhere. Sleepy head, a body like a pickle, I feel so lazy to move. But I moved. And I went to the class. Trying my hardest to focus. But I can’t. Bcoz I’m still in a holiday mood. Bcoz I’m tired. Bcoz there’s gonna be a TEST. The ultimate test.

The test in the evening, I thought it would be extremely hard as the lecturer’s said. =.=’ My worries, my stress… But I feel satisfied. Coz this time, I studied real hard. I think I do… I can’t say that I answered right, but still, I don’t feel like wanna smash someone after the test, which is good. Still, the lecturer can’t stop amusing us with her extremely ‘creative’ question. I’m prepared for that. So I have no sigh. At least for now, before the result is out.

As for now, there’s another piles of work to do. As always, doing it last minute gives a kick for me. It’s like a challenge. If I’m angry, I lose. If I succeeded to make it on time and turn out right, then  I win. And like most of the time, I lose. Then I win. 

I think I’m having too much fun. I know it. Need to get a grip. The final’s going to be in three weeks coming. Got to be serious bout it. For God Sake, I HAVE to!

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