Saturday, 3 August 2013

Itazura Na Kiss

I've always love this series and so far I watched the anime version, Korean live drama series "Playful Kiss" and the extended seven additional episodes, and the newly portrayed Japanese version "Itazura Na Kiss- Love In Tokyo" (2013). I love it all! I'm so glad that I watched the anime first. My friend keep insisting me to watch it. She insists that the story is great when I commented that 'the heroin in the anime looks ugly and ridiculously stupid' at first. As I give it a try for the first episode,  I immediately fall in love with  the story.

Anime : Itazura Na Kiss

The anime version is perfect! The story starts from the heroin (Kotoko) pursuing the hero (Irie) by a love letter, and it moves on til the very end. Eventually they got married. I'm so glad the story didn't end there. There are also part after they're married, and lastly, having their own kid which later grows up to a hyperactive girl. That Irie is really increadible! C'est parfait!

Korean Version: Playful Kiss

My heart flutters when my friend told me the about the cast. Can't help to smile as I like the lead actor, Kim Hyun jung at that time. I thought it would be great. The story is lively and I like the setting. Beautiful houses, nice styles, the cast is great! It's so lovey-dovey! I especially like the extended seven episodes. In this version we can see that Baek Sung Jo really loves Oh Ha Ni. :D

Japanese Version 2013: Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo

It would be great if I can watch in HD... Nonetheless, the story's good. I like Kotoko in this version, she's not really stupid and ridiculous... kindda cool somehow. Though it's not a perfect package since the story ends as they got married in the last episode (Episode 16). I expect them to have an after-wedding story as well. Overall, I like it. Irie in this version is reallyyyyyy cool!

I'm thinking of watching the Taiwanese version as well. The casts looks fine, especially Ariel Lin.  It would be lovely to see Mike He playing as Irie though. 

All I can say is, watch it!

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