Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wedding Frenzy

I have no problem with wedding, all this time.

Not until today.

Not since my sister who just finished her college drop the bomb and say she wants to get married.  And she already have the wedding plan.

Then that is where my problem starts.

I never really discuss about 'The Journey of My Life' with my mom, for she usually agrees in whatever I do, never question much about my choice, what I want to be and how I do things. I said I will only go the university after Form 5. She's ok with that. I will take Accounting, although I don't like it much. She's ok. I don't want to have a part time job. Sometimes she can tolerate and let me the boss of the house. She never ask abut my boyfriend or about my future planning. Never has to worry about me, spending a night out somewhere or dating just any guy, because she knows that I'm not that kind of girl. The 'foreveralone' and "I-don't-give-a-damn" type.

Today is my cousin's wedding. My sister starts to talk again about her plan with her fiancee. Her wedding, everything about getting married. All excited and make it sounds like it's going to happen very, very soon. I'm ok with her, being married first before me. (Although I slightly disagree because she's so childish sometimes- I wonder if she knows the definition of "responsibility" in real life?) and that she's young, she should earn as much money first before she spends something for a life time. Well, I can't care much about it anyway, it's her life, I don't want to get bothered over it. Like always, I only mind my own business.

But then, my mother said that sentence. You know, that line. "Get married soon, at this rate you'll be left out by your sister. You're way behind her~" or simply, "LATE".

And my answer is no. no, No, NO. 

I'm not an anti-marriage type. I love the idea of getting married and settling down with my beloved person.  But there's so much thing about it. There's so many thing that I don't care about in my life, and wedding, is on the the top of the list. Things like money, clothes, health, my body, my career- that is what I think all the time. And him whom I love so much... 

Now that I found someone that I consider as 'The One', my Mr. Right, I don't have any problem of getting married. It's just that, not now. I leave it to God, if we're destined for each other, we'll definitely end up together, won't we?

My answer is no, not now.
But sometimes later, that one fine day.

p/s: Why are there so many wedding events every weekend? =.="

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