Thursday, 2 April 2015

The beginning

I got fever, running like a fire...

Not a good start for my work. Running nose, squeaky voice (so not sexy!). Small space and piles of files. So uncomfortable!

So, after the first interview (second company that I sent my resume), I nailed it! The interviewer directly announce the offer as soon as it ends, and I try not to look so happy or too heartless, (although I think I should look more interested than I did... nevermind!)- it was 'Oh... uh, thank you.' That flat tone. Next time, I shall try a more a enthusiastic reply... 

Job hunt, done. No more looking for other companies and confidently accept the offer. Of course, my parents are trying their very best to make me change my mind. They always aim for the best. They forgot, I'm not the best. They like the Big Four firm. (I definitely won't go back to that place again!). Honestly, it was nice. The people are good. The place is great. Company's policy is excellent. Benefits are tiptop. But I need a fresh start, totally fresh. Something new, somewhere~ I'm tired of job hunting, and I hate interviews (dressing formally and acting all good), which is why I decided, I'll just accept it. Then they (parents) heard the multinational company (Oil & Gas) is having vacancy for related field, and again, no response from me. Big names, big pays, of course they're good. But I'm so done with interview. Besides, there are hundreds of people out there who are very much better than me (academic, experience, competency) that suits for the job requirement. I hate competition, especially when I know I can't pass it. I'm not very competitive, so whatever, if you want to call me boring. I prefer easy thing(lazy rule) -like writing a resume for one or two company that I like, see if they respond. Go for interview and directly accept the offer (first come first serve).

And here's to the new world. 

I'm now a young adult, earning for my life. I pray that I will be rich sooner- motivation.

Work is ok. Office is good? Well, can't complaint. Colleagues is ok ( I guess)- don't care since I'm the only alien there and have always been an alien all this time, so whatever anyway. Boss is... acceptable. Salary is ok. Let's just see what I'll be, three years from now...

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